Meet the TT Team

Christian Hartch


Christian Hartch is the Founder of Treasure Town. Christian formed the Treasure Town YouTube channel in August 2017 in order to provide entertainment and education on numismatics, collectibles, and history. He has worked on the Treasure Town main channel, which has grown to over 130,000 subscribers and brought many new collectors into the hobby. Christian will graduate with an Economics degree from Princeton University in 2024.

Isaiah Nicely

Chief Operating Officer & Director of U.S. Coins

Isaiah Nicely is a Numismatist at Treasure Town and a specialist in die varieties, errors, and United States type coinage. Isaiah builds many of the presentations that compromise the infrastructure of the educational and informational YouTube content. He is also active on the buying front, acting as a purchaser of United States and world coinage to stock Treasure Town Auctions with interesting material. Isaiah is an undergraduate student in the Class of 2025 Honors College at Texas Christian University.

Spencer Miller

Director of Ancient Coins

Spencer Miller, currently Treasure Town’s Director of Ancient Coins, oversees our purchases of ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine coins and prepares them for our auctions. Spencer currently attends Tufts University in Boston, where he is pursuing a major in history and minor in political science. These days, he is busy conducting research with the chair of the Classics Department on excavated Roman, Vandalic, and Byzantine coins from the Canadian UNESCO dig at Carthage. A numismatist since the age of five, Spencer transitioned from U.S. to ancient coins at the age of 14. In addition to working for Heritage Auctions in Dallas, he recently founded a company that buys and sells higher-value ancients through auction houses and private sales in Europe and the U.S., and he is excited to bring his knowledge of the market and ancient history to Treasure Town. Spencer’s specialties within ancient coins are early electrum, Hellenistic, and Byzantine issues; his primary goal with Treasure Town is to provide quality material with tangible historical importance for each sale. Spencer’s 6+ years of experience in the ancients field have given him a keen eye for authenticity, which he prides himself on, as well as eye appeal and rarity. Feel free to reach out to Spencer with any questions at

Josh Woo

The Coin Dictionary Lead Content Creator

Josh Woo, AKA “WooWho?” on YouTube, is the lead content creator for The Coin Dictionary, Treasure Town’s video library of world coins. Josh began collecting coins when he was 5 and has since always been thinking of new world sets to grow his collection. In March 2021, Josh began creating content for The Coin Dictionary and helped expand the channel to over 14,000 subscribers worldwide. Outside of numismatics, Josh is a martial artist with over 10 years’ experience and has taught classes in Shinkendo (classical Japanese swordsmanship) and aikido. If you think you may have seen Josh before, he’s made appearances on Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire (pictured). Josh is in the Class of 2024 at LSU Shreveport School of Medicine and hopes to specialize in psychiatry.

Roko Pozaric

Numismatist, Inventory Control, & Operations

Roko Pozaric is a Numismatist at Treasure Town, who specializes on the auctions side of the business. He is interested in a wide variety of collectibles, including coins, banknotes, tokens, and more. He helps with inventory control, processing, accounting, and a lot of the back-end that makes the auctions business successful! Roko is in the Class of 2025 at Princeton University, where he is majoring in Economics. He hails from Zagreb, Croatia.

Jesse Ward

Community Outreach Coordinator

Jesse Ward is part of the Treasure Town team, helping manage the Discord channel. The Discord is designed to foster community around coins and collecting, as well as provide learning opportunities for newer collectors, and he has played an instrumental role in improving our Discord. His collecting interests vary widely, but include French world coinage. Other than numismatics, he plays the violin, is active in his local Boy Scout Troop, and is a BSN student at Davenport University! Jesse is also found at @wards_wheats on Instagram.

John Ohl

Short Form Content & Marketing

John “JP” Ohl leads Treasure Town’s public & street interviews, focused on raising awareness about history, numismatics, and art among the general population through short form content. He is also responsible for email communications and the mailing list, which provides updates and information about upcoming auctions, events, and special new videos to thousands of subscribers. JP is in the Class of 2026 at Princeton University.

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