The Finale: Unboxing A World Coin Collection Worth Over $200,000

The Finale: Unboxing A World Coin Collection Worth Over $200,000

If you haven't followed my journey with this incredible collection, a friend contacted me, saying their grandmother had inherited a family coin collection and they were looking for help in understanding the value. After having sold the first of three boxes for $800 to a local dealer in New England, I was intrigued to enable them to maximize the value as they were looking to sell. Immediately after seeing the second box (the first they'd showed me), I informed them to at all costs not sell the coins for anything close to $800.

Thinking through the options on disbursement of the collection, I suggested that I broker the collection - as opposed to an outright buy - and negotiate with the range of large auction houses for an attractive consignment rate on the larger items, while selling the smaller items myself (as grading and group lot disadvantages would make my audience more likely to realize a better price than a big firm).

The first box I handled has since realized over $125,000, including several coins above $5,000. For YouTube content, I unboxed each row of each box, and this is the last one in the series - the third row of the last box. There were some incredible finds. This is that video.

Without sounding too sales-y, if you think you know someone who might benefit from a trusted disbursement of their valuable numismatic material - and a strategic approach as opposed to taking the first deal they get or solely pursuing an outright sale to a dealer - please encourage them to get in touch. There are considerations from tax structure to timing and liquidity needs to which sellers are likely to do best on the specific material that are important to trust an expert (or multiple) with!

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