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LARGE 1800s SILVER & Tough Countries FOUND In Foreign Coin Search – Half Pound World Coins – Bag #5

Was super fun to search another MA-Shops (https://www.ma-shops.com/?ref=treasuretown) sponsored half pound world coin bag in my new series – was able to get a ton of bags to search, and I can’t wait to go through them with you. MA-Shops is a trusted online marketplace for coins from all around the world, including ancients, medieval, […]

Old + Rare British Empire World Coin Show & Tell With Curt Gammer (@GammerCoin) – Expensive History!

Had a super fun time asking questions about some of Curt Gammer’s (https://www.instagram.com/gammercoin/) rare British Empire coinage out at Witter Coin U! From copper to silver to gold, there was plenty to go around – and unfortunately interrupting way too much since I was excited to see the coins. Includes some top pop hammered silver, […]