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Coin Dealer Interview: Ben TheCoinGeek On The Current Market & His Backstory: Old Pueblo Coin

Really enjoyed speaking with Ben, the owner of Old Pueblo Coin as well as TheCoinGeek channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/thecoingeek We discussed his origin as a coin dealer, his role in his shop, what he thinks about the current situation with a hot market that may be transitory. Was great to hear about his personal collections, […]

Coin Dealer: Ben Weinstein from Old Pueblo Coin (TheCoinGeek) on Coin Dealer Burn Out, Exiting the Industry, and Collector Demographics

I sat down for another interview with Ben Weinsteen, TheCoinGeek, (https://oldpueblocoin.com/) to talk about coin dealer burnout, exiting the industry, and collector demographics among other topics. Ben is the owner of Old Pueblo Coin, a coin shop in Arizona, and also produces a lot of awesome, experience-backed coin content on his channel TheCoinGeek. We’ve spoken […]