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Coin Dealer Interview: Toned Coins – Questionable Color & Artificial Toning Expert Perspective

One of the strangest and most complicated nuances of coin collecting is toning and what constitutes artificial or ‘fake’ toning versus natural ones, and we’ve got Chris Tisdale here to give an interesting and valuable perspective on the situation. Whether it’s avoiding questionable color coins when submitting to making sure you don’t buy fake toning, […]

Coin Dealer Interview: Coin Doctoring, Cleaning, and Forging: What Constitutes Doctoring With Chris Tisdale​

Here’s a topic that I’m interested in learning more about and am curious as to what the extent of it is in the hobby: coin doctoring. While almost everyone denounces cleaning coins, especially for those just starting out in the hobby, it would be ignorant to say that tons of respected coin dealers never clean […]