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Welcome To TreasureTownCoins.com!


Hi! I’m Christian Hartch, and I founded Treasure Town in 2017 to bring some of my knowledge surrounding coins and collectibles that I had learned while working in a local shop to viewers. I had no idea that the channel would grow to the scale that it has, and now I’m excited to roll out a steady mixture of informational and entertaining content surrounding that space while supplementing it with a website.

I’m focused on creating videos on a wide variety of topics and enjoy learning and sharing about every one of the following:

  • U.S. Coin Collecting
  • World Coin Collecting
  • U.S. Currency & Paper Money
  • World Currency & Paper Money
  • Exonumia & Tokens
  • Precious Metals – Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum
  • Die Varieties
  • Mint Errors
  • Coin Collecting News
  • Coin Collecting Opinions & Advice
  • Other Collectibles: Sports & Trading Cards, Books, Antiques, etc.

Make sure to visit back to this site often… in the longer term, I have ambitions of adding a functional marketplace, coin melt price calculator, full index of coins and their rare counterparts, and more. For now, subscribe to my YouTube channel and be sure to stay involved with the Treasure Town operations!