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KEY DATE ALERT!!! Acid Date Restoration on 200 Buffalo Nickels (Final 2 Rolls + Wrap Up) Nic-A-Date

That makes it FIVE rolls of coins that have had their dates revealed using acid Nic-A-Date restoration techniques and today was definitely the best two rolls yet! We finally got some solid key date coins that are actually in pretty good shape… definitely makes this series worth it. While the acid will tank the values […]

Top 13 Doubled Die Reverse Jefferson Nickel Varieties – Photos & Values – Full PCGS / NGC DDRs List

These are the Top 13 doubled die reverse Jefferson Nickels that you should be searching for – they are the complete set of varieties attributed by PCGS and NGC, the two major third-party grading companies. These coins will all be worth more money than their regular, non-variety counterparts, and are fun to search for and […]