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Treasure Town Auctions Schedule

Treasure Town Auctions looks forward to bringing you a more regular schedule going forward with fascinating, unique, historic items to add to any numismatic collection.

We generally specialize in items under $100, and as of now do not take consignments directly for these auctions (instead offering coins already purchased by Christian or Isaiah).

In the future, we will list full auction prices realized, future inventory to be used in upcoming sales, and a detailed schedule.

Most auctions are hosted live on the Whatnot app (available on mobile and Desktop), and are both a place to buy cool coins or just hang out live with the rest of the viewers and talk coins! It’s really fun, and I encourage you to join. I offer a wide mix of coins, currency, and numismatic items – here are some of the categories of coins that I sell:

U.S., World, Ancient, Medieval, Islamic, Indian, Asian, Byzantine, Ottoman, PCGS/NGC/ANACS, Medals, Exonumia, Tokens, Bullion, Banknotes, Varieties, Errors, and More!!

There also isn’t an auction that happens without a giveaway – so be on the lookout for those as well!

Make sure to sign up for Whatnot via the link above to receive $15 in free credit off of your first order – that’s likely a free coin!

Upcoming Auctions