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5 Misconceptions About Coin Collecting – These Are Myths!


This is a video I’ve wanted to cover for a really long time, and basically, I’m looking into five commonly held beliefs related to coin collecting that are generally untrue. I will be discussing topics such as long term prices in the coin industry, the future of coin collecting and whether or not we will see growth, the collector base themselves and their attitude, the importance of staying aware while realizing that most in the coin community are benevolent and really positive, and many many more! Stick around for a fun discussion on the topics I’ve chosen to dispel.

By the way, as mentioned in the beginning of the video, the American Numismatic Association has a cool vid on this topic as well. I looked up ‘Misconceptions About Coin Collecting’ to see if there are any related videos already covering the topic, and I realized that ours are very similar!! We even have the same number (5) and our third and fifth misconceptions have striking similarities. I don’t want to be seen as someone who plagiarizes, and wanted to make this known – the American Numismatic Association is a great organization and you should definitely check them out if possible.